Lazy or Stupid? That Is the Question! We Find Out With Custom Made Poker Chips


So, is the guy who just used the last sheet of paper and walked away without refilling the tray just stupid or lazy?  Texas-based comedian Jim Boaze says the only way to know is with the flip of a chip! Jim designed and recently ordered these custom made poker chips from The Poker Consultants to help the confused solve the mystery!

Custom made poker chips

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Ever gone to the photocopier and found there’s no paper in the machine? Or finally taken a break only to find out someone taken the last drop of water from the cooler and left the empty for you to refill? Ever find yourself wondering, “Is he really that lazy or is he just stupid?”

Well, Texas-based comedian Jim Boaze and his colleagues have wondered the same thing for years. “We saw coworkers doing something that didn’t quite make sense,” he says. “Were they being stupid by not noticing the flashing light on the copier saying OUT OF PAPER or too lazy to reload when they just ran a large print job? Of course, then we started noticing other times where you would have to scratch your head and wonder ‘lazy or stupid’ when someone took the last cup of coffee; pulled paper out for letterhead, but then didn’t put it back when finished; didn’t change their voicemail back after coming back off vacation — even when told about it.”

Solving This Monumentally Mystifying Question With Custom Made Poker Chips

Then, he reasoned, there probably was just one way to solve this monumentally mystifying question: with the flip of a coin (better still, a custom poker chip)! He first made a “chip” for his office manager, a half dollar with an “L” hand printed on one side and an “S” on the other. But there was too much lazy and too much stupid not to do more about it. That’s when his idea for actual custom made poker chips came into being.

Now, Jim has created a great chip that’s already catching on. He’s sold dozens of preorders. And friends already want to get in on the order. Guess all of us are asking ourselves the same question: “Could she be that lazy or is she just stupid.”

“My game plan is to have them ready to sell when I do my stand up comedy routine at different clubs around town,” he says. “I’m working on different bits that have this basic theme for it and the audience I hope will pick up on it.”

“I had been telling folks for several years, that I really needed to get a chip made up, but was unsure of the design. I finally started looking around and was looking at the challenge coins that would have been nice,” but they weren’t in his price range. A friend suggested custom made poker chips and Jim, started looking around for someone that could do custom designs. “I never knew there were so many choices, so when I sent a quick note over to, and everyone jumped on me at once pretty much, I knew I had made a connection.”

So, if you’ve wondered about a few people yourself (and you know you have), contact Jim at 512-552-4501 or email to  If you have a metaphysical issue of your own that you might as well solve with the flip of a coin (need we repeat, better yet, a custom chip), we’ll help you do it.

As for Jim’s terrific project, if maybe you’re just a little (Hmmmm.. how do I nicely put this?), more stupid than lazy, well every chip will come with a stand and “how to use” instructions.

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