Harleys, Pink Tutus and Custom Poker Chips



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Harley-Davidsons and pink ribbons together, a perfect pair. “I saw thepokerconsultants.com and discovered their custom poker chips then I knew right away that I wanted you all to make them,” said Paul Brown, an NC police officer and avid motorcyclist.


New Bern, NC, police officer Paul Brown got tired of seeing members of his family and coworkers fall victim to cancer. He had seen two family members and several coworkers at the police department battling the disease.

He wasn’t exactly sure what he could do, but he knew that money for cancer research and care was a big part of the equation in finding a cure. And as an avid motorcyclist and a member of the Carolina Blue Knights Motorcycle Club (part of a national organization of motorcycle clubs whose members are current and former police officer) it occurred to him that bikes might be the answer.

Hundreds of Harley-Davidsons rolling down the highway would grab some attention, he reasoned. Why not turn that attention to breast cancer awareness and fund-raising?

Previously his family had gotten interested in the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. The participants had to walk 39.2 miles in two days. That was doable. But is each participant also had to raise $1,800 to walk, a difficult goal for one person. Why not, he thought, have a Breast Cancer Benefit Ride. The first year they raised more than $5,500, the first year. This year they doubled that.

How To Commemorate An Important Event: Custom Poker Chips

For this year’s ride, the Tar Heel felt he had to give riders and volunteers something by which to commemorate this important event. That’s where the thepokerconsultants.com came in. “Because our event has become so successful,” Paul said, “I wanted to hand out something special to sponsors and returning riders.”  (With more than 150 bikers participating this year, they came from as far away as Michigan and Maryland to participate.)

“I looked around for custom poker chips.” They’re small, fit in the pocket and are a great memento. “I saw thepokerconsultants.com and I knew right away that I wanted you all to make them. I had the basic design, but working with your designer, we came up with a very special custom poker chip,” said Paul. “I was truly impressed with the final product. Thank you for your speedy process and your professional customer service and patience.

“It was a one-of-a-kind poker chip that was a tremendous gift to give out. We got so many compliments on them. The chips were a huge success. I had several people ask where we got them,” he said. “I gladly shared your info.”

Again this year, the ride was a tremendous success with 152 bikes participating. “We raised more than $10,201 to fight breast cancer, Paul told us. This year’s fund-raising was for The Coastal Carolina Health Care’s Journey of Hope Cancer Support Center, a comprehensive cancer resource center for cancer patients and their families.

We don’t know Paul personally. But we suspect that he’s not a man that sits idly by without trying to help. We wouldn’t be a bit surprised if next year his chip order doubles — AND, we hope, so will the size of this very important ride.


Custom poker chips

“The ladies walk and I do my part as a crossing guard” at busy intersections, said ride organizer, Paul Brown. Clearly he’s motivated to help in any way possible. This year, he cranked up his new sound system on his Harley, donned pink leggings with high motorcycle boots, and danced in a pink tutu, ready to fight back against cancer. As for the custom poker chips, “They were a huge success.”

Lazy or Stupid? That Is the Question! We Find Out With Custom Made Poker Chips


So, is the guy who just used the last sheet of paper and walked away without refilling the tray just stupid or lazy?  Texas-based comedian Jim Boaze says the only way to know is with the flip of a chip! Jim designed and recently ordered these custom made poker chips from The Poker Consultants to help the confused solve the mystery!

Custom made poker chips

* * *

Ever gone to the photocopier and found there’s no paper in the machine? Or finally taken a break only to find out someone taken the last drop of water from the cooler and left the empty for you to refill? Ever find yourself wondering, “Is he really that lazy or is he just stupid?”

Well, Texas-based comedian Jim Boaze and his colleagues have wondered the same thing for years. “We saw coworkers doing something that didn’t quite make sense,” he says. “Were they being stupid by not noticing the flashing light on the copier saying OUT OF PAPER or too lazy to reload when they just ran a large print job? Of course, then we started noticing other times where you would have to scratch your head and wonder ‘lazy or stupid’ when someone took the last cup of coffee; pulled paper out for letterhead, but then didn’t put it back when finished; didn’t change their voicemail back after coming back off vacation — even when told about it.”

Solving This Monumentally Mystifying Question With Custom Made Poker Chips

Then, he reasoned, there probably was just one way to solve this monumentally mystifying question: with the flip of a coin (better still, a custom poker chip)! He first made a “chip” for his office manager, a half dollar with an “L” hand printed on one side and an “S” on the other. But there was too much lazy and too much stupid not to do more about it. That’s when his idea for actual custom made poker chips came into being.

Now, Jim has created a great chip that’s already catching on. He’s sold dozens of preorders. And friends already want to get in on the order. Guess all of us are asking ourselves the same question: “Could she be that lazy or is she just stupid.”

“My game plan is to have them ready to sell when I do my stand up comedy routine at different clubs around town,” he says. “I’m working on different bits that have this basic theme for it and the audience I hope will pick up on it.”

“I had been telling folks for several years, that I really needed to get a chip made up, but was unsure of the design. I finally started looking around and was looking at the challenge coins that would have been nice,” but they weren’t in his price range. A friend suggested custom made poker chips and Jim, started looking around for someone that could do custom designs. “I never knew there were so many choices, so when I sent a quick note over to thepokerconsultants.com, and everyone jumped on me at once pretty much, I knew I had made a connection.”

So, if you’ve wondered about a few people yourself (and you know you have), contact Jim at 512-552-4501 or email to lazyorstupidchip@gmail.com.  If you have a metaphysical issue of your own that you might as well solve with the flip of a coin (need we repeat, better yet, a custom chip), we’ll help you do it.

As for Jim’s terrific project, if maybe you’re just a little (Hmmmm.. how do I nicely put this?), more stupid than lazy, well every chip will come with a stand and “how to use” instructions.

Military Poker Chips are used as Challenge Coins


We are asked to design many custom military poker chips and it is a part of the job that we all take great pride in.  We provide the artwork for our military clients at no charge as we want to show our appreciation for what they do to protect us on a daily basis.  Check out some of these poker chip designs – they literally run the gamut from military standard to military wild.  Designs are generally submitted by the units either in sketch form or as final art ad we make the subtle adjustments needed – or create the art from scratch to make the ideas work on a poker chip.  With just about 1.5 inches to work with – designing poker chips requires a lot of forethought and testing.  These poker chips are sublimated right onto a white ceramic surface and weight 10 grams.  Great for poker games and for use as challenge coins – the popularity and cost effectiveness of these chips makes them versatile for many uses.  Also custom military playing cards are also available.

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Custom Poker Chips for Katy Perry


Talk about cool looking custom poker chips – the poker chips we designed for Katy Perry’s launch of her new Kettle Corn flavor for Pop Chips are some of the sweetest looking custom ceramic poker chips we have ever made!

Custom Poker Chips for Katy Perry

Custom Poker Chips for Katy Perry

Featuring a vibrant purple and pink theme – these chips were used at her big promotional launch party along with custom playing cards – also designed by Ad Magic and The Poker Consultants.

katy-perry-cards and chips

katy-perry-cards and chips

Making custom ceramic chips is tricky business and requires a good clean design and strategic color choice.  Templates are available to assist clients in designing both the edges and the faces and free design assistance is always available.

Custom Poker Chips for Hooters


One of our favorite poker chips to manufacture is the one we create yearly for the “Hooters For Self Help program.  These particular full color custom poker chips are used during their golf charity event.  Featuring a lovely hooters girl on the face of each custom poker chip and the fore self help logo on the back – these chips are made with our ceramic edge to edge process which allows the designer to cover both the faces – backs and side edges of the chips with customization.  Each order of custom ceramic poker chips starts out as blank white chips – and then the color is added to the front – back and sides using a heat sublimation process that allows the chips to be printed in full color.

Hooters for Self-Help is a non-profit charity which dedicates itself to helping alleviate hunger in developing countries. The goal of the charity is to educate people in these developing countries to learn different was to help themselves – hence the name.  Rather than offering a quick fix – the self help program sends teams in to train – educate, improve, and empower the people of the developing nations. They try to offer these people long term solutions that will work for them.

A picture of the chips is shown below.

Custom Poker Chips
  Custom Poker Chips made by The Poker Consultants/AdMagic for
the Hooters Charity “Fore Self Help”