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Harley-Davidsons and pink ribbons together, a perfect pair. “I saw thepokerconsultants.com and discovered their custom poker chips then I knew right away that I wanted you all to make them,” said Paul Brown, an NC police officer and avid motorcyclist.


New Bern, NC, police officer Paul Brown got tired of seeing members of his family and coworkers fall victim to cancer. He had seen two family members and several coworkers at the police department battling the disease.

He wasn’t exactly sure what he could do, but he knew that money for cancer research and care was a big part of the equation in finding a cure. And as an avid motorcyclist and a member of the Carolina Blue Knights Motorcycle Club (part of a national organization of motorcycle clubs whose members are current and former police officer) it occurred to him that bikes might be the answer.

Hundreds of Harley-Davidsons rolling down the highway would grab some attention, he reasoned. Why not turn that attention to breast cancer awareness and fund-raising?

Previously his family had gotten interested in the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. The participants had to walk 39.2 miles in two days. That was doable. But is each participant also had to raise $1,800 to walk, a difficult goal for one person. Why not, he thought, have a Breast Cancer Benefit Ride. The first year they raised more than $5,500, the first year. This year they doubled that.

How To Commemorate An Important Event: Custom Poker Chips

For this year’s ride, the Tar Heel felt he had to give riders and volunteers something by which to commemorate this important event. That’s where the thepokerconsultants.com came in. “Because our event has become so successful,” Paul said, “I wanted to hand out something special to sponsors and returning riders.”  (With more than 150 bikers participating this year, they came from as far away as Michigan and Maryland to participate.)

“I looked around for custom poker chips.” They’re small, fit in the pocket and are a great memento. “I saw thepokerconsultants.com and I knew right away that I wanted you all to make them. I had the basic design, but working with your designer, we came up with a very special custom poker chip,” said Paul. “I was truly impressed with the final product. Thank you for your speedy process and your professional customer service and patience.

“It was a one-of-a-kind poker chip that was a tremendous gift to give out. We got so many compliments on them. The chips were a huge success. I had several people ask where we got them,” he said. “I gladly shared your info.”

Again this year, the ride was a tremendous success with 152 bikes participating. “We raised more than $10,201 to fight breast cancer, Paul told us. This year’s fund-raising was for The Coastal Carolina Health Care’s Journey of Hope Cancer Support Center, a comprehensive cancer resource center for cancer patients and their families.

We don’t know Paul personally. But we suspect that he’s not a man that sits idly by without trying to help. We wouldn’t be a bit surprised if next year his chip order doubles — AND, we hope, so will the size of this very important ride.


Custom poker chips

“The ladies walk and I do my part as a crossing guard” at busy intersections, said ride organizer, Paul Brown. Clearly he’s motivated to help in any way possible. This year, he cranked up his new sound system on his Harley, donned pink leggings with high motorcycle boots, and danced in a pink tutu, ready to fight back against cancer. As for the custom poker chips, “They were a huge success.”

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