Poker Accessories

Heavy Stackable Acrylic Chip Rack

Poker Chip Acrylic Carrier

The carrier is available in 400-piece, 600-piece, and 1,000-piece configurations.

Custom laser engraving is available.

400 Chips  -  Product No. 006-A

600 Chips  -  Product No. 006-B

1,000 Chips  -  Product No. 006-C

This heavy-duty stackable acrylic chip rack holds 100 poker chips.

Product No. 003


Texas Hold’em Button Package

Includes two-inch dealer button and big blind, little blind, missed blind, reserved and kill buttons.

Product No. 002


Professional Dealer Button

A professional two-inch button that's perfect for your home poker game.

Product No. 001


These 100-percent plastic playing cards are imported from Italy and have all the great features of more expensive cards at a much lower price. Because they are made of plastic instead of paper, the cards are meant to last up to 100 times longer than traditional playing cards. They will not scratch, tear, or crease under normal playing conditions. Durable and washable, a properly cared for deck will last for years. Set includes two decks, a hard shell case and two cut cards.

Custom Playing Cards

Two-Deck Pack plus hard shell case and two cut cards.


Product No. 020


Copag Playing Cards

Available in two-deck packages or in cases of 12 decks.


Product No.  018

Two Deck Pack


Product No.  019

Case (12 Decks)

Copag playing cards are considered by many to be among the finest cards in the world. Made from 100 percent PVC plastic, the cards will last much longer than traditional paper cards.


The cards are resistant to bending and tearing and won’t deteriorate under gaming conditions. What’s more, they’re washable and are nearly impossible to crease or mark. The textured back gives both the professional and novice dealer great card control.



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Champ Key Chain

Custom Poker Chip Key Ring

Color Samples

Custom Poker Chip Key Rings are a great way to remember any special occasion or corporate event. The key ring has your artwork or logo in a full-color insert on both sides of the chip and are crafted with the same care we give our custom poker chips.

•Available in blue, black, red, or pink eight-stripe

  poker chip design

• Imprint area: 1.235” diameter

• Minimum: 100 pieces

Custom Poker Chip Key Ring Pricing

100 Key Ring Minimum

Product Number 004

004-A - 100

004-B - 500

004-C -  3,000

004-D - 10,000

The Champ Key Chain holds a removable poker chip. Or, if you prefer, you can insert a custom chip you’ve created for any occasion — from a corporate event to a family get together. The chip can be removed and another keepsake inserted in it’s place if you like. Have an annual event? Just remove last year’s keepsake and add the new one for this year. But if you prefer, just keep your “lucky” chip right where it is and don’t change it. It’s all up to you. Available in white or black.

Product Number 27


Custom Refrigerator Magnet

Color Samples

Your logo or artwork is applied to one side of the poker chip and a magnet on the other. In your office or at home, its a wonderful reminder of a special day or event and a great promotional item for businesses.

• Available in white, blue, red, green, black, yellow, orange,

  purple, light blue or gray eight-stripe chip

• Imprint size: 1.235” diameter

• Minimum: 100 pieces

• Imprint: Custom full-color inserts, both sides

Custom Refrigerator Magnet - Eight Stripe

100 Magnet Minimum

Product Number 005-A


Custom Refrigerator Magnet - Single Color Foil Heat Stamped - 100 Magnet Minimum

Product Number 005-B


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