Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Poker Consultants?

The Poker Consultants, a division of AdMagic, is a “friends and family” company of folks who love games and particularly love poker. Since the mid-1990s when our founder created the company as a one-person business in her garage, we’ve grown to be one of the leading producers of fine custom-designed poker chips and accessories. Despite the way we’ve grown, our philosophy is still the same:  Whether you represent a major company running a corporate launch or an individual wanting to buy chips for a small charity event, every customer matters to us. This isn’t just a sales pitch; it’s very much something we believe in.


What are custom poker chips made of?

There are a number of materials available, some choices dependent on the kind of chip you want.  Challenge coins, for example, can be ceramic or composite, but also metal. Special shapes are available in plastic as well as other materials. But most of our playing chips are manufactured using composites that will last much longer.  Since the 1950s, manufacturers have been using a composite chip that combines clay with other materials to make chips more durable.


The Poker Consultants’ clay composite Inlay chips, both large and small,  are especially popular for their look and affordability. The indestructible inlay carries your artwork in full color, with a variety of rim colors. The Ceramic Full chip has larger design possibilities since both sides and the rim can be designed. Our Cer-Blend chip is a proprietary blend chip that, like the Ceramic Full, can be fully designed. The Cer-Blend is our only chip that can be digitally imprinted.


Who is going to create my design?

We have a staff of artists who will work with you, one-on-one, to help you finalize what you’re looking for. However, ultimately, it will be you who makes the final decision; you have the final word. If you have original artwork or a logo, that’s terrific. But if you aren’t sure exactly what you want, talk to us.


How much will that cost?

Once you place an order and either provide the completed artwork, provide some part of the artwork, or talk to us about what you need, our team will create a proof for you. At that point, you’ll decide if there are any revisions. If for some reason you decide to do something entirely different that involves a lot more time, there will be a nominal charge for the additional work.


How do I know what chip to choose?

Talk to our team about the purpose of the chip you want to have made. Let us know the number of chips you need, your price range. What you’re looking for. We’ll help you decide on exactly which chip will be work for you.


How long will chips last?

Playing chips will last for years.  Long after your event is over, you can still enjoy the chips you ordered. And for chips and coins you’re ordering to publicize and event or build teamwork or commemorate an occasion, know that your friends, family and coworkers will have the keepsakes for many years to come.


The Poker Consultants

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